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Doug Welborn

Doug Welborn is a lifelong resident of Baton Rouge and has devoted much of his adult life to serving the community. Doug has lived in Central since childhood, and in 1980, was elected to serve the first of three terms on the Baton Rouge City Council representing that area.

Throughout his terms, Doug had a key role in the creation of the EMS for the parish, the initiation of several flood protection programs, major zoning changes to benefit homeowners, and the creation of fire protection districts for home and business owners. Doug served on the EBRP Sewer Control Commission; The Greater Baton Rouge Airport Authority; The Capital Region Planning Commission and the Amite River Drainage and Conservation Commission, to which he was appointed by the governor and served as first president.

In 1991, Doug's council years came to an end when he successfully ran for Clerk of Court of East Baton Rouge Parish. Upon taking office, he immediately began implementing ideas for improvements to the office and he is proud of the progress that has been made in the office in every area. In 1997, he served as President of the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association, having been elected by his colleagues throughout the state.

With the Clerk's office operating at premium efficiency and with a well-trained and talented staff, Doug has said that he is very pleased with the goals he has been able to meet as Clerk, but he has no plans to slow down. He will only be happy when continuing to work toward the future.