This page provides brief descriptions of our departments and their main services. Please select from the Departments on the left column or go to Contact Us to quickly find a department room number and phone number.


  • Daily administration of Clerk of Court and Customer Relations.

Administrative Accounting:

  • Responsible for financial information of Clerk of Court Office (Salary Fund, Agency Funds and Fixed Assets).
  • Employee Payroll, time cards.


  • This department operates under strict confidentiality laws.
  • Responsible for processing all new Adoption and Juvenile suits and any subsequent pleadings; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisis, Writs, and Notices.


  • Houses and retrieves older records and books for various departments, including Civil, Family, Probate, Criminal, Juvenile and Adoption records, Mortgage and Conveyance books and original land records documents.
  • Archive Records
  • Genealogy
  • Genealogy Research

Civil Appeals:

  • Prepares records on appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
  • Prepares records taken on writs to the 1st Circuit Court.
  • Houses civil minute books.

Civil Processing:

  • Processes all new civil and probate suits and subsequent pleadings to be served; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisi, Writs and Notices.


  • Processes billing on all suit accounts.
  • Accepts payments from billing. 


  • Assists the public in obtaining copies of notarial documents recorded in the Clerk's Office. 

Criminal Records:

  • Files, films, and posts all Bills of Information/Indictments and any subsequent pleadings.
  • Files and posts all warrants, bonds and affidavits of probable cause.
  • Prepares all appeals going to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Data Indexing:

  • Creates indices of all recorded documents.
  • Proofs and updates Vendor, Vendee, Mortgagor and Mortgagee indices.


  • Responsible for coordinating and administrating all scheduled elections.
  • Ballot Information

Family Processing:

  • Processes pleadings that relate to divorce and custody matters; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisi, Writs and Notices.

Domestic Violence:

  • Processes applications and petitions for protective order to victims of abuse pertaining to family related situations. 


  • Provides On-Line Access of computer data such as mortgage and suit information.  
  • Provides all computer related responsibilities of the office.
  • Maintains website information.
  • Online Services 


  • Prepares Mortgage Certificates for Property Bonds, Sheriff Sales, Constable Sales and Marshal Sales, Crop Pledge Certificates, Expropriations, Chattel Certificates and Account Receivable Certificates.
  • Prepares Lien Certificates.
  • Notarizes Cancellations.
  • Mandamus Suits.
  • Lien Bonds 

Human Resources:

  • Processes Employment
  • Maintain personnel and insurance files on employees.
  • Maintain office guidelines and procedures

Public Information:

  • Directs all programs regarding service to the community, including special event programs such as the Kids ID Program, as well as coordinating the office's involvement in charity events.
  • Arranges for tours and written information designed to inform the public of the services that the Clerk of Court's office offers.
  • Provides information to the media and the public about all matters relating to the Clerk of Court's office and the information housed therein.

Public Service:

  • Services rendered in the Public Service Department includes issuance of the following:
  • Marriage Licenses, Sample License
  • Passports
  • Registrations of Clergyman
  • Acts Of Congress
  • Oaths Of Offices
  • Conveyance Certificates
  • Municipal Address Information
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity Searches
  • Trade Name Searches
  • Property Bonds


  • Recording Fees
  • UCC Fees
  • Recording Instruction Sheet


  • Acts involving movable and immovable property
  • Partnerships and corporation
  • Acts of Cancellation
  • Judgments & Liens
  • Reinscribing previously recorded documents


  • Oaths of office of Notaries, Sheriff Deputies, Deputy Clerks of Court and various parish officials
  • Military Discharges
  • Medical Certificates

Registry of the Court:

  • Responsible for the accountability of monies, Lien Bonds and various documents as so ordered by the Court.

Suit Accounting:

  • Files and posts all new Civil, Family, Probate and Judicial Commitment Suits and any subsequent pleadings.
  • Collects advance deposits.
  • Refunds unused court costs.
  • Advance Cost
  • Pauper
  • Supoena
  • Fax Filings


  • Processes all tickets given by Louisiana State Police (Troop A, Headquarters and Department of Public Safety), East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State University Police, and Southern University Police.
  • Storage and Retrieval of all Traffic Minutes


  • Trains employees with the basic professional skills required to effectively perform their job function and assist the public.


The East Baton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court is seeking Statements of Qualifications and Proposals from consultants for replacement of the Case Management and Document Management Systems. The Request for Qualifications and Proposals is available at www.ebrclerkofcourt.org. The proposal deadline is Monday, February 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. CST. Click here and here to download the documents.





Polling place changes due to  the 2016 Flood

Polling places changed in 2016 prior to the Flood  



The East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court’s Office is now offering the availability of Birth and Death Certificates at our Downtown location in City Hall only.  Certificates are available on a walk-in basis only.  No appointment is necessary.  Click here for more information.

Effective September 1, 2016, pursuant to R.S. 13:844, a fee of five dollars per name after the first name indexed will be assessed to the charge for recordation.  One name will continue to be provided at no charge per book. (Conveyance and Mortgage)  Complete fee schedules are available on our website at www.ebrclerkofcourt.org. We appreciate your attention in this matter.  Please contact our Recording Department at (225) 389-3985 if you need further assistance.

All Commissioner Classes have been canceled.  Existing commissioners are certificated through the end of 2016 and can work fall elections.   Recertification classes will resume in January.