Civil Suit Records

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Effective June 4, 2018, and prusuant to C.C.P. Art. 253(B), the EastBaton Rouge Parish Clerk of Court (“Clerk of Court”) has established an electronic system for the filing and storage of any pleading, document or exhbit filed in the 19th Judicial District Court and Family Court for East Baton Rouge Parish.

Effective October 1, 2020, the Clerk of Court's civil suit records department no longer maintains paper files, with the exception of probate proceedings. Additionally, the Clerk of Court maintains the paper version of original notes and foreign judgments. Upon completion of the case, original notes are returned to the filer. The 19th Judicial District Duty Court Office reviews foreign judgments for authenticity. Foreign judgments are maintained until the garnishment is issued or completion of the case. Administrative records in excess of 100 pages will be maintained until completion of the case. All other paper filings will be maintained for a period of 90 days and then placed into bins until such time as they can be picked up by a third-party vendor in order to be destroyed. Should any filer request that their paper filing be returned to them, it will be returned to them if available in accordance with these guidelines.


The Civil Suit Records Department houses all of the information contained in civil cases. All pleadings, petitions, answers, exceptions, motions and judgments filed in each case are microfilmed in this department and are available for in-house viewing by the public.

Older records from the department are housed in the Archives Department and in the department's former location in City Hall.

In its current location in the 19th Judicial District Courthouse, the department currently houses the following numbers forward:

Civil Records: 589,000 - present

The following numbers are housed in City Hall: 
Civil Records: 530,551 - 588,999

The following numbers are housed in Archives: 
Civil Records: Before 530,550