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As Chief Election Officer of the Parish, Parish Custodian of Voting Machines and as a member of the Board of Election Supervisors, the Clerk of Court maintains a highly skilled department to assist with the many phases of election related duties. The staff is responsible for coordinating & administering all scheduled elections; assuring compliance with the Election Code (Title 18 of the Revised Statutes); conducting General Commissioner schools, Pre-Election schools and Commissioner-in-Charge schools. The staff maintains a close working relationship with many other agencies that play important roles in the elections system, including the Register of Voters, Council Administrator's office, Mayors of Baker, Central City, and Zachary, and delegates from respective governing authorities, Secretary of State, Board of Election Supervisors and the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board. The department works closely with the Public Information Office to assist the news media and maintains contact with and a database of the more than 2300 Election Commissioners of East Baton Rouge Parish. As an election nears, the staff is responsible for qualifying local and municipal candidates as well as tabulating and certifying election returns when the election is complete.

Please click the Secretary of State Seal to access geauxvote.com and candidate information.

If you are interested in becoming a commissioner, send an e-mail to the Elections Dept, or call 225-295-4765.



 Effective immediately, the Clerk of Court’s hours of operation will be 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.
(Please note that the Birth Certificate office closes at 4:00 p.m. and that Birth and Death Certificates are only available at our Downtown Main Office in City Hall.)



*Marriage Licenses are available at our Downtown and Airline locations*

Applicants may click here to complete and transmit marriage license applications to our office in advance of your visit for fastest processing.




-If you already have a Clerk Connect account, you do not need to set up an e-filing account. 

-You do not have to have a Clerk Connect query subscription account to e-file with the Clerk’s office.
-The email address that is entered will be the address to which all correspondence related to the filing will be sent.
-Please call (225) 389-3982 if you need assistance.

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ADDENDUM NO. 1 -- 1/24/19


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It has come to our attention someone has been calling residences of East Baton Rouge claiming to be with the Clerk of Court’s office and asking for Social Security Numbers. Please be assured that it is not the Clerk’s office making these phone calls – we do not make such inquiry calls and will never ask for your Social Security Number.


The Elections Department is always seeking new commissioners to work precincts around the parish. Download the general informational brochure here and call (225) 295-4765 for more information about the upcoming classes.
Precinct Update Information for East Baton Rouge Parish Here