Family Processing

Phone: (225) 389-3936

The Family Processing Department receives the filed, posted and tracked suits/pleadings in Family matters from the Suit Accounting Department. The documents that require a Judge's signature are forwarded to the Judge's office. If no Order is present, the employees process the pleadings by issuing the necessary documents for service by the Sheriff's Office.

Our personnel are assigned a division and work closely with the four Family Court Judges, processing work from that division and preparing papers for Judges' runs three times daily.

When an attorney or runner wishes to "walk" a pleading through, he brings the filed pleading, signed by the Judge if necessary, to the Family Processing Department and the employee for that division will issue the necessary documents. It is then the responsibility of the attorney or runner to bring the papers to the appropriate Sheriff or private process server.

Street address information for service is mandatory. A Post Office Box number is not a sufficient address; the Sheriff will not serve a Post Office Box.

Information concerning necessary documents cannot be provided, nor can questions concerning legal procedures be answered by this department. Deputy Clerks of Court are not qualified to make legal determinations or give legal advice.