Civil Processing

Phone: (225) 389-3967

The Civil Processing Department is responsible for the preparation of all documents necessary for service by the Sheriff's Office in Civil and Probate suits of the 19th Judicial District Court. This preparation of documents is termed "processing a pleading." All pleadings are filed in the Suit Accounting Department before being sent to the Civil Processing Department.

The department's staff members are assigned a division and work closely with the civil court judges, processing work from that division and preparing papers for Judges' runs.

When an attorney or runner wishes to "walk" a pleading through, he brings the filed pleading, signed by the Judge if necessary, to the Civil Processing Department and the employee for that division will issue the necessary documents. It is then the responsibility of the attorney or runner to bring the papers to the appropriate Sheriff or private process server.

New Suits:

  • Simple Citation
  • Three Day Notices
  • Writs of Seizure of Sale
  • Writs of Fi Fa and Garnishment Citations

Subpoenas (ALL), Rule Nisi and Temporary Restraining Orders:

  • WritsAll subpoenas issued for a trial must be issued no less than ten days prior to trial date.

Judgments of Dismissals:

  • Upon receiving dismissals from the Judge, Processing will certify the copies and mail them to the attorney if copies are attached and a request is noted.
  • If your office needs a stamped (not certified) copy, be sure to furnish an extra copy. Do not use a copy that is attached for service.


Information concerning necessary documents cannot be provided, nor can questions concerning legal procedures be answered by this department. Deputy Clerks of Court are not qualified to make legal determinations or give legal advice.


Street address information for service is mandatory. A Post Office Box number is not a sufficient address; the Sheriff will not serve a Post Office Box.



 Effective immediately, the Clerk of Court’s hours of operation will be 8:00 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.
(Please note that the Birth Certificate office closes at 4:00 p.m. and that Birth and Death Certificates are only available at our Downtown Main Office in City Hall.)



*Marriage Licenses are available at our Downtown and Airline locations*

Applicants may click here to complete and transmit marriage license applications to our office in advance of your visit for fastest processing.




-If you already have a Clerk Connect account, you do not need to set up an e-filing account. 

-You do not have to have a Clerk Connect query subscription account to e-file with the Clerk’s office.
-The email address that is entered will be the address to which all correspondence related to the filing will be sent.
-Please call (225) 389-3982 if you need assistance.

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It has come to our attention someone has been calling residences of East Baton Rouge claiming to be with the Clerk of Court’s office and asking for Social Security Numbers. Please be assured that it is not the Clerk’s office making these phone calls – we do not make such inquiry calls and will never ask for your Social Security Number.


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