Family & Probate Records

Phone: (225) 389-3972

The Family and Probate Department houses all of the information contained in these cases. All pleadings, petitions, answers, exceptions, motions and judgments filed in each case are microfilmed in this department and are available for in-house viewing by the public.

Older records from the department are housed in the Archives Department (225) 389-3988 and in the department's former office in City Hall (225) 389-7837.

In their current location in the 19th Judicial District Courthouse, the department currently houses the following numbers forward:

Family Records: 164,250 - present
Probate Records: 91,300 - present

In City Hall, the following numbers are housed:
Family Records: 131,553 - 164,249
Probate Records: 63,921 - 91,299

In Archives, the following numbers are housed:
Family Records: Before 131,553
Probate Records: Before 63,921