Public Service

Phone: (225) 389-3950

The Public Service Department is the first department of its nature introduced in a Clerk of Court's office in Louisiana. The staff of the department is well-trained and eager to assist the customer in obtaining information from the department's significant collection of data.

Services rendered in the Public Service Department includes issuance of the following:

  • Marriage Licenses (This link allows you to print and complete the application form prior to coming the the office.)
  • Passports (This link allows you to print and complete the application form prior to coming the the office.)
  • Registrations of Clergyman
  • Oaths of Offices
  • Conveyance Certificates
  • Municipal Addresses Information
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity Searches
  • Assumed Name Searches
  • Property Bonds

The Public Service Department houses the following books and indexes (including microfilm and/or digital images on most) and is able to furnish information on the following:

  • Marriage Licenses (Books & Indexed)
  • Conveyance Indexes (Vendee & Vendor)
  • Mortgage Indexes (Mortgage & Mortgagee)
  • Civil, Family, and Probate Indexes
  • *Spanish Records & Translations
  • *American State Papers
  • Registered Clergyman
  • All Notarial Acts (All Original & Bundles)
  • Plan Book & Map Indexes
  • Donation Records
  • Charter Records
  • Registered Agents Books
  • Partnership Books
  • Sheriff Sale Books
  • *Railroad Conditional Sales Books
  • Flat Files Indexes
  • Parish Judges Books
  • Compiled Restriction Records

* denotes viewing available only at downtown office

The Elections Department is actively seeking new commissioners to work precincts around the parish. Classes will be held in late July. Download the general informational brochure here and call (225) 295-4765 for more information about the upcoming classes.
Precinct Update Information for East Baton Rouge Parish Here


The East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court’s Office is now offering the availability of Birth and Death Certificates at our Downtown location in City Hall only from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Certificates are available on a walk-in basis only.  No appointment is necessary.  Click here for more information.


Effective March 1, 2019, credit card payments will be accepted in our Suit Accounting Department for suit filing. 
The percentage rate cost for credit card payments will be 3.5%. 
Please contact the Administrative Accounting Department at (225) 389-5121 if you need further information about your account.