This page provides brief descriptions of our departments and their main services. Please select from the Departments on the left column or go to Contact Us to quickly find a department room number and phone number.


  • Daily administration of Clerk of Court and Customer Relations.

Administrative Accounting:

  • Responsible for financial information of Clerk of Court Office (Salary Fund, Agency Funds and Fixed Assets).
  • Employee Payroll, time cards.


  • This department operates under strict confidentiality laws.
  • Responsible for processing all new Adoption and Juvenile suits and any subsequent pleadings; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisis, Writs, and Notices.


  • Houses and retrieves older records and books for various departments, including Civil, Family, Probate, Criminal, Juvenile and Adoption records, Mortgage and Conveyance books and original land records documents.
  • Archive Records
  • Genealogy
  • Genealogy Research

Civil Appeals:

  • Prepares records on appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
  • Prepares records taken on writs to the 1st Circuit Court.
  • Houses civil minute books.

Civil Processing:

  • Processes all new civil and probate suits and subsequent pleadings to be served; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisi, Writs and Notices.


  • Processes billing on all suit accounts.
  • Accepts payments from billing. 


  • Assists the public in obtaining copies of notarial documents recorded in the Clerk's Office. 

Criminal Records:

  • Files, films, and posts all Bills of Information/Indictments and any subsequent pleadings.
  • Files and posts all warrants, bonds and affidavits of probable cause.
  • Prepares all appeals going to the First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Data Indexing:

  • Creates indices of all recorded documents.
  • Proofs and updates Vendor, Vendee, Mortgagor and Mortgagee indices.


  • Responsible for coordinating and administrating all scheduled elections.
  • Ballot Information

Family Processing:

  • Processes pleadings that relate to divorce and custody matters; includes issuance of Citations, Subpoenas, Rule Nisi, Writs and Notices.

Domestic Violence:

  • Processes applications and petitions for protective order to victims of abuse pertaining to family related situations. 


  • Provides On-Line Access of computer data such as mortgage and suit information.  
  • Provides all computer related responsibilities of the office.
  • Maintains website information.
  • Online Services 


  • Prepares Mortgage Certificates for Property Bonds, Sheriff Sales, Constable Sales and Marshal Sales, Crop Pledge Certificates, Expropriations, Chattel Certificates and Account Receivable Certificates.
  • Prepares Lien Certificates.
  • Notarizes Cancellations.
  • Mandamus Suits.
  • Lien Bonds 

Human Resources:

  • Processes Employment
  • Maintain personnel and insurance files on employees.
  • Maintain office guidelines and procedures

Public Information:

  • Directs all programs regarding service to the community, including special event programs such as the Kids ID Program, as well as coordinating the office's involvement in charity events.
  • Arranges for tours and written information designed to inform the public of the services that the Clerk of Court's office offers.
  • Provides information to the media and the public about all matters relating to the Clerk of Court's office and the information housed therein.

Public Service:

  • Services rendered in the Public Service Department includes issuance of the following:
  • Marriage Licenses, Sample License
  • Passports
  • Registrations of Clergyman
  • Acts Of Congress
  • Oaths Of Offices
  • Conveyance Certificates
  • Municipal Address Information
  • Acknowledgement of Paternity Searches
  • Trade Name Searches
  • Property Bonds


  • Recording Fees
  • UCC Fees
  • Recording Instruction Sheet


  • Acts involving movable and immovable property
  • Partnerships and corporation
  • Acts of Cancellation
  • Judgments & Liens
  • Reinscribing previously recorded documents


  • Oaths of office of Notaries, Sheriff Deputies, Deputy Clerks of Court and various parish officials
  • Military Discharges
  • Medical Certificates

Registry of the Court:

  • Responsible for the accountability of monies, Lien Bonds and various documents as so ordered by the Court.

Suit Accounting:

  • Files and posts all new Civil, Family, Probate and Judicial Commitment Suits and any subsequent pleadings.
  • Collects advance deposits.
  • Refunds unused court costs.
  • Advance Cost
  • Pauper
  • Supoena
  • Fax Filings


  • Processes all tickets given by Louisiana State Police (Troop A, Headquarters and Department of Public Safety), East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, Louisiana State University Police, and Southern University Police.
  • Storage and Retrieval of all Traffic Minutes


  • Trains employees with the basic professional skills required to effectively perform their job function and assist the public.