Suit Accounting

Phone: (225) 389-3982

The Suit Accounting Department is responsible for accepting and filing all new suits and subsequent pleadings. The four types of suits accepting for filing in this department are:

Civil: Involving the enforcement and protection of rights relating to personal injury, contract, and property.

Family: Involving divorce and custody matters.

Probate: Involves those matters related to the administration and enforcement of wills, settlement of estates, appointment of guardians, and such matters related to minors and deceased individuals. 

Judicial Commitments: Involving persons who are mentally incompetent.

A filing fee is required for the filing of most pleadings. Each litigant is responsible for all applicable filing fees, which are payable at the time of filing.

Once the Suit Accounting Department has completed the preparatory work to newly filed suits and/or pleadings, the documents are sent either to the Civil Processing Department, Family Processing Department, or in some cases directly to the Civil Suit Records Department.

Suits that are NOT FILED in the Suit Accounting Department are:

  • 1. Adoptions of Minors: Filed in the Adoptions Department in Room B-115
  • 2. Juvenile Suits (Abandonment): Filed in Room B-115
  • 3. Juvenile Suits (Criminal): Filed out at Juvenile Court located at 8333 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70807
  • 4. Adoptions of Majors: Recorded in the Recording Department