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Public Information

(225) 389-8312

The Public Information Office provides information and services to the citizens of East Baton Rouge Parish in many phases. The department directs all programs regarding service to the community, including special event programs such as the Kids' ID Program, as well as coordinating the office's involvement in charity events. Additionally, the department assists in arranging for tours and written information designed to inform the public of the services that the Clerk of Court's office offers.

The Public Information Office also works with all local media to regularly provide information to the community of interest to the public.

The Kids' ID Program

The Kids' ID Program is coordinated by the Public Information Office staff, who arrange dates on which the service of photographing and fingerprinting children may be conducted.

The Kids' ID Program is provided as a public service by the Clerk of Court staff, sometimes at retail stores, but also by invitation to church fairs, schools and other events. Parents submit an information sheet on their child identifying name, address and birth date. The information is then typed onto a card while the child is photographed. Once the card is typed, while the photograph develops, the child's thumbprints are put on the card. When the photo is developed, it is placed on the card and laminated.

The card is designed to be kept by the parent as a safety tool in the event the child should become lost or missing. The record of photo and prints has proven a valuable tool in locating missing children in other parts of the country.

"We make each card with the hope that it never has to be used for its intended purpose," Clerk of Court Doug Welborn says, "but we do hope that it provides parents with a little extra peace of mind in knowing that they have this record on hand."